Asian weddings- Why so frivolous???


Seriously though! 

From generations, Asians, particularly, imfamously, unfortunately, people from the Indian subcontinent have spent MILLIONS worth of clothes, gifts, dowry, food, decorations, venues and bla bla bla in the name of weddings. Oh yeah! Weddings- the reason to be for still A LOT OF GIRLS in our region, kid you not and the sole responsibility  burden on the Asian parents towards their kids, especially girls. It is 21st century I know, but these stiffling customs and traditions are growing larger than life by every day that passes. It seems ironic amidst so much social awakening that our cultures have experienced by now, and also a big slap in our hypocrital faces.

It is a standard for parents to sacrifice all their whims and dreams all their lives just to save enough money to get their children ‘hooked’ with good spouses, as if it’s the ULTIMATE goal of human life and the reason for earth’s being. Now all this requires a shit load of money due to:

  1. Pakistan being so expensive! It makes me sad looking at how expensive and thus difficult it is to afford the basic necessities of life.
  2. Pakistan being the second-youngest country in the world with 64% of its population under 30 years, the goods and services alloted to youth are hella expensive, especially those falling under wedding category.
  3. THE WORST OF ALL: we are imposters! We luuuuurv to to show-off, portray ourselves at least 3 steps above who we really are, make impossible claims which require wastage of hard earned money to back them to save face. We are complexed people who are internally always competing with others and just cant take being below par.

In a country where 40% of people live below poverty line, it appalls me to see 15 course meals, dance choreographers, millions worth of canopies, imported flowers and generator backed lighting. A medium category wedding event of around 300 guests (which is average) with above average arrangements costs no less than 1.2 million PKR!!! And this isn’t it because there are several events at our weddings.

I don’t have a problem with celebrating your happiness, weddings are once in a lifetime event I get it, but you CANNOT justify spending so recklessly no matter how happy you are! Since when does a marriage equate to lavish spending? People are so busy planning the perfect wedding that they forget to plan their marriage. A really depressing state of affairs indeed. I really hope we adopt simplicity of Western weddings, which has also been prescribed by Islam, as Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) gave us a clear direction:

The Most Blessed Marriage is the Least Expensive One”

With the hope of changing for the better, returning to our roots and spending time and resources in what TRULY matters in life, I’m signing off.

Good day to you!

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