Histrionic Personality Disorder- we need to talk about this! PART 1


Have you ever befriended someone who was a human form of high intensity melodrama, combined with a 4 months pregnant lady with raging, out-of-control hormones that made her over-the-top emotional, combined with a bratty yet confused teenager having loads of identity issues who demands your constant validation??

In any case, say Hello to Histrionic Personality Disorder– a personality characterized by excessive:

  • emotionality, emotional overreaction
  • attention seeking
  • need for approval
  • inappropriate sexual behavior

So, these people are the real pain-in-the-ass; problem being their over-sensitivity and self-pity that makes them appear so pitiful that you almost feel bad about yourself for pushing them away and being a little selfish as you can’t take their negative vibe anymore. It is a tricky situation where to stand with these people because these people are always fishing for an opportunity to cross the line with you.

Fortunately or unfortunately, I happened to have a friend who had a histrionic personality. We got really close in a short span of time which was rather surprising for myself even, given I usually don’t let my guard down too soon. The problem began when that friend started making unsolicited romantic advances towards me, verbally only. I was definitely uncomfortable because I’ve always had a principle of never mixing friendship with romance (because I hate losing someone I once considered a friend and it’s too much to risk). So I tried my best to politely keep this person at an arm’s length but it was hard considering we were pretty tight as friends- I couldn’t ignore them. As a part of my unsuccessful strategy to handling it loosely, I never really acknowledged this person’s feelings in order to not ‘lead them on’; so it became the elephant in the room because I was admittedly kinda lonely and had very few friends who I thought accepted me as I was. Things went on like that, the person was all  understanding about my conspicuous stance until I actually saw them for who they were.

Soon enough my friend got somewhat insecure and possessive about me. They would try to keep tabs on me, who I talked to, when was I online and what not. I found it weird and pestering. Funny thing was, I started noticing how EVERY story I shared with this person resulted in a VERY SIMILAR or comparable anecdote by this person, kind of a me-too approach I guess. I was so dumb that I hadn’t noticed this pattern sooner but later I definitely noticed that it was in fact true. The person had  a comparable incident happened to them, only better. LOL! yep! I can’t even begin to share some of the un-fucking-believable stories I heard where my friend was ALWAYS the knight in the shining armor, or they’d been hurt or cuckolded by an ex, or they were the sexiest, most desirable person in the whole university, at the beach when they went on a vacation, at the wedding they went to attend and the most eligible bachelor in the family. Even when I admitted to some twerks in my personality that I hated about myself or things I regretted doing, the person had an EVEN nastier trait, an EVEN meaner incident that they regretted or a notorious tale supporting what a piece of shit they were. Now that I recall this part, I can’t help but laugh. It got to such an infuriating limit that I felt like not talking to them at all or yell “SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU LYING PIECE OF SHIT” at them.

me too

I know you must be thinking why the hell would I tolerate a lying ass but I did eventually, confront the lying issue AND many other issues. This person was just so messed up that I felt like my presence and our friendship was among the few pillars their sanity stood upon.

To be continued…


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